XC 2020

All things XC


Welcome to XC, social distancing style. Since we can’t have a meeting, I’ve compiled as much info in one place that I could think of. 


  1. Welcome video–Please note that I did not have full information when I made the video. The UHSAA has approved summer training, but districts have to sign off on it. Jordan District has not yet met to do this. We hope that we will be able to meet soon!


Also note that the video is private, meaning that you cannot search for it. You have to use the link provided. 


  1. General info/rules–updated from usual info to what we have going on because of Covid-19
  2. Athlete information: fill out this questionnaire 
  3. Uniform/spirit pack (returners need a t-shirt)
  4. Register my athlete (XC registration)
    1. Registration information
  5. Concussion information
  6. Vote for captains: Please only vote for captains from your gender/team–voting ends May 20, 2020
    1. Girls captains
    2. Boys captains
  7. Trail run locations (no summer schedule just yet)
  8. Summer mileage plans
  9. Tracking summer miles

Please note that I will likely send a weekly email with a short form to fill out about your miles. I want both that and the Google Sheet (link just above) filled out. Eventually, I might figure out how to merge the two together, but I don’t know how to right now. Please fill out both. 

  1. FAQ and Q&A sheet