Multiple Teams · Football Player Fees and Incentives

Player Fees & Incentives

Cost Breakdown to Play Football at Bingham High School

  • Spirit Pack Fee $215.00      (Can be fundraised)
  • Summer Weights & Conditioning $50.00                  
  • Bingham Football Camp $150.00
  • Football Participation Fee $175.00      (Can be fundraised)

*All players that make the High School team will be required to pay $175.00 football participation fee to Bingham High School at time of registration.

*Every player trying out for football will need to earn or pay $215.00 spirit pack fee. The three ways a player can earn money is by selling the $25.00 football cards, get a business to advertise in our game day program or have a business or individual purchase a banner to be displayed during the season.

Each player will receive 50% of all sales that will go directly to Football Participation fee and Spirit Pack fee. $780.00 would need to be raised to totally pay for both fees. (Money raised in fundraising cannot be used for summer weights & conditioning or Bingham football camp)


$215.00          Spirit Pack Consists of the following:

Hooded Sweatshirt, Sweatpants, Team Polo, Practice Jersey, Girdle, Knee Pads, Game Socks, Team Shirt, Team Short & Mouth Piece

*Any funds that are raised beyond the total needed to pay required football fees will go towards supporting the Bingham football program.


  • Card Sale Fundraiser Will End on Tuesday, July 21st

  • Banner Forms and Money Must be Turned in by Wednesday, July 29th

  • All Ads for Game Day Program Must be Turned in by Wednesday, July 29th


2020 Player Fees & Incentives printable